Video and Pictures

There is no better way to share the experience of a lifetime (and prove how awesome you were) than by getting video and pictures of your skydive. Edmonton Skydive offers both in-air video and photography services so you can relive the experience of a lifetime. Your entire adventure will be captured from gear-up to landing. Videos and pictures are captured in HD and delivered to you immediately after your skydive on 8GB SD cards for you to keep.


A personalized, HD video, including a pre-flight interview, the ride to altitude, your exit, freefall, parachute flight and landing, and a post-jump interview to capture those immediate reactions. Approximate run time is five (5) minutes.

Digital Photographs

You’ll receive a minimum of 40 high resolution digital still photographs capturing your airplane ride, exit, freefall and landing. Typically, we capture between 60-100 pictures.


Service Cost Description
Video & Pictures Packages $125* – 5 min HD video capturing entire experience – Min 40 (typically 60-100) high resolution pictures – Delivered on two 8GB micro SD cards with SD adapter – Available immediately after jump

* Prices are per person per jump. Price does not include GST.