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Learn to Skydive Solo

Edmonton Skydive’s Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course is a license for human flight. The course teaches the necessary skills and knowledge to acquire your Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA) Solo License. Our AFF program is the most advanced learn to skydive training program. It is the fastest and best training method to develop freefall skills and ultimately become a proficient, solo skydiver.

Accelerated Freefall

The Most Advanced Learn to Skydive Program

How It Works

AFF is a two phase, nine level program (9 jumps) designed to teach student skydivers to become solo certified skydivers. During each level you’ll learn new skills which are critical to become a proficient solo jumper. Each level consists of extensive training for the jump to follow.

You’ll be taught new skills in each critical area: preparation, exit, freefall, canopy control and gear. On each jump, you’ll open your own parachute, perform freefall skills and fly your parachute safely back to the ground.

In Levels 1-2, two instructors will be holding on to your harness to coach and assess your performance of the skills and tasks you’ve learned on the ground. In Levels 3-8, one instructor will be there with you to instruct, assist, assess and debrief your performance on each jump, and provide coaching for your next jump.

Once you complete AFF and have done ten jumps, you’ll be able to write your test for your solo license.



  • Completed a tandem or any other skydive in the last three years
  • Must be in good physical condition


  • Nine (9) Jumps (8 from 13,000 feet, 1 from 5,000 feet)
  • Ground School
  • Training (for all 8 Levels)
  • Training Materials
  • Gear Rental

Learning & Skills Objectives

  • Gear Up & Equipment Adjustments
  • Safety Checks
  • Pilot Briefings
  • Aircraft Exit Techniques
  • Freefall Body Positions & Maneuvers
  • Main Canopy Activation
  • Canopy Control
  • Landing Techniques
  • Technical Knowledge

Program Costs

We aim to give you a clear understanding of exactly what it will cost for you to become a solo skydiver. The table below outlines our AFF program in each respective phase, as well as its objectives and price.

All jumps are from 13,000 feet (weather dependent) with the exception of Level 7 (intentional five second delay from 5,000 feet).

In order to received the prepay discount, you must pay for the entire program (both Phase I and I) upfront. Purchasing the AFF complete package is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Level Phase 1 – Objectives Price
Ground School Equipment, In Flight, Freefall, Canopy Identification, Landings  $195
 L1 Body Position, Altitude Awareness, Main Deployment  $385
 L2 Body Position, Delta Dive, Turns, Main Deployment  $385
 L3 Body Position, Heading Maintenance, Turns, Main Deployment  $240
 L4 Turns, Main Deployment  $240
 L5 Unlinked Exit, Figure 8 Turns, Main Deployment  $240
  Phase 1- Total Price  $1685
  Phase 1- Pre-Paid Discounted Price  $1535

After completing Phase I, you will have completed the AFF component of the program. You must also complete Phase II to earn your solo license and jump solo.

Level Phase 2 – Objectives Price
 L6 Unstable Exit, Forward Drive  $240
 L7 5 Second Delay from 5,000′  $125
 L8 SOLO Checkout Jump  $165
 L9 Graduation Jump  $145
  Phase 2- Total Price  $675
  Phase 2- Pre-Paid Discounted Price  $579

After completing Phase II, you will be a solo rated skydiver at the national level as per the CSPA.

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