Parachute Progression

Parachuting, or canopy piloting, skills are the most fundamental skills for safe, skydiving progression. It has always been our philosophy that above average canopy piloting skills are the most essential to ensure safe solo and group skydiving, and as such, we go well beyond the norm to ensure we create highly skilled, competent, canopy pilots.

Skydiving Skills Grid Progression

First and foremost, the Canadian Sport Parachute Association’s (CSPA) Basic Skills Grid helps guide the training and development of student and novice skydivers in both freefall and canopy handling skills. Student skydivers are introduced to basic aerodynamic principles such as lift, drag, pitch, roll and yaw, amongst many other flight principles.

The grid allows a structured approach to enable students and novices to complete respective canopy tasks for license requirements, and most importantly, acquire the basic skills and technical knowledge related to flying parachutes. At Edmonton Skydive, we believe that to be the minimum standard and have created programs and events to ensure that all skydivers continue to acquire knowledge, refine skills and continually push to be the best canopy pilots possible.

Team Flightline

Edmonton Skydive supports its local, competitive, canopy piloting team, Flightline. Together, we’ve created canopy piloting courses and camps that run on a regular basis and are targeted for all levels of skydivers, from the junior jumper to the national team competitor. Each team member hosts at least one canopy course each year, providing all of our jumpers extra opportunities to try new techniques, new parachutes and learn new skills in a structured, coached and debriefed environment.

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World Class Canopy Piloting Training

For the past decade, Edmonton Skydive has brought world champion, record holding and elite canopy pilots and coaches to the dropzone for our jumpers.

Flight-1 and Alter Ego are the two leading canopy piloting instruction and coaching organizations in the world. For the past five years, we’ve hosted Flight-1 instructors. In 2016, we’re hosting both Flight-1 and Alter Ego coaches for a combined eight days of training.

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