License Progression

CSPA Certificates of Proficiency

After completing Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and acquiring your Solo Certificate of Proficiency (CoP), you’ll be able to do solo skydives at skydive centers in Canada. But, your journey into the sport of skydiving has just begun. You essentially have just earned a license to learn.

Edmonton Skydive is a member of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA). Our instructors and coaches help train skydivers to progress their skills and earn their respective CSPA licenses and privileges. The CSPA issues Solo, “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” CoPs.

Full Time Coaches & Instructors

We are a full time and full service skydive center. We have coaches and instructors onsite always to help you progress to the next level or acquire your next CoP.

Intermediate Skills Camps

Our team organizes Intermediate Skills Camps once a month to provide up and coming jumpers with free coaching to help master specific skills or to finalize a few outstanding requirements for your next CoP.

Load Organizing

For more experienced and advanced flyers, we regularly offer freefly, wingsuit or big way load organizing. Please check our events for dates on Intermediate Skills Camps or Load Organizing.