Edmonton Skydive Facilities


Type: Super King Air
Fleet: One
Climb: 8 minutes to 13,000 ft
Capacity: 14 jumpers

Type: Cessna 182
Fleet: One (C-GVEF)
Climb: 12-18 minutes to 10,000 ft
Capacity: 4 jumpers

Manifest & Administration Building

Two story, 4000 sq. ft Customer Check-in & Registration Fun Jumper Manifest
Special Events & Courses Classroom
Tandem Training & Gear Up


Indoor Carpeted Packing (more than 6000 sq. ft)
Creeping Area
Covered Outdoor Packing Area

Swoop Pond

Canada’s Largest!
Dimensions: 400’ x 125’

*Host venue for the 2011 & 2015 Canadian Canopy Piloting Nationals.

Rigging Loft & Gear Sales

Parafunalia operates the rigging loft and is Edmonton Skydive’s authorized representatives for all gear sales including:

Performance Designs Canopies
Mirage Containers
Cookie Helmets

For all your rigging needs please visit them in the hangar or online at parafunalia.ca

Landing Area

Twenty-seven (27) acres of grass landing area. Plenty of outs (it is the Priaries after all). Zoned for high and low speed approaches and experience levels.

“The Dive” Cafe & Bar

Open weekends and during major events.
Menu: Sandwiches, Wraps, Snacks, Cold Drinks, Beer, Spirits


We have a newly renovated 6 room, 12 bed, bunkhouse. $25/night. Call 780-884-5867 or email for availability.


Tenting on site is free. Bring your own tent.