Canopy Piloting

Edmonton Skydive has a strong canopy piloting scene. We have the largest swoop pond in Canada and some of the best canopy pilots.

Alberta Canopy Piloting Circuit

The Alberta Canopy Piloting Circuit returns in 2016 for its fourth season. It was created by local jumpers to provide a competitive, training environment for local canopy pilots who are interested in pursuing competitive canopy piloting. Edmonton Skydive will host both AB CPC meets.
2018 Alberta Canopy Piloting Circuit Schedule
Meet #1 Edmonton Skydive TBC
Meet #2 Edmonton Skydive TBC

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Team Flightline

Flightline is based and train out of Edmonton Skydive. We organize two to three Flightline canopy courses at Edmonton Skydive every year.

Professional Canopy Courses

Since 2013, we’ve hosted multiple Flight-1 and Alter Ego canopy courses, bringing the two largest pro canopy curriculums and coaches to Edmonton Skydive. Please check out our Events Calendar for all canopy related events.

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