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At Edmonton Skydive, we’ve all chosen a path to pursue our passions. We’re completely in love with skydiving, human flight, parachuting and aviation, and we want to share that with you.

We’ve built our business, culture and facilities to showcase and introduce people to the beauty of human flight and the sport of skydiving. That means that we acquire aircraft that make your ride to altitude comfortable, we do the highest jumps in Western Canada so you get to experience more freefall than anywhere else and we only staff the most experienced and fun instructors, many of which are national team members or record holders.

Edmonton Skydive is primarily a skydive training school which means you’ll get “backstage” access to the world of skydiving. During your experience you’ll get an understanding of the sport, our lifestyle and our own little family of adventure seekers.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you for your first of many jumps. Whatever the motivation: bucket list, childhood dream, YouTube, special occasion or curiousity, we hope you come fly with Edmonton Skydive this season.

Edmonton Skydive tandem training

National Leaders

Edmonton Skydive is an ultra progressive skydiving school. We fly the fastest skydiving airplane in the country so we can spend more time jumping and less riding in an airplane. Our facilities, which are the newest in the country, have enabled us to host two of the last three Canadian National Skydiving Championships. And we continually engineer some of the most unique skydiving jumps such as the World’s First Tandem Freefall Tattoo, Mindy the SuperPup jumps and “50 on 50” (50 jumps on 50th birthday).

Highest Jumps

Our rocket powered Super King Air enables us to climb and jump higher than any other skydive center in Western Canada. That means way less time for you to overthink your jump. We jump from 13,000 feet above ground level which provides tremendous views of the expansive Alberta prairie land. We guarantee we’ll take you the highest in Western Canada.

Leading Skydiving School

For the last couple of years, we’ve graduated more students from our learn to skydive program than any other skydive center in Western Canada. We were one of the first skydive centers to eliminate archaic teaching methods, and move completely to more progressive learn to skydive programs. We focus on safe, but accelerated progression, with dedicated coaching from the most talented coaches in the world. As a result, we have one of the most vibrant, fun and unique dropzones in the world.

Customizable Experiences

Sometimes a skydive experience is the centerpiece of a special occasion or moment in life, and for some, that means making it extraordinarily special. We offer special services such as our Black Car Service, special video packages and unique privileges for people that have jumped with us before. Or if you have something unique in mind, let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate it.
Edmonton skydive tandem training

We Don’t Discount Safety

For more than 30 years, Edmonton Skydive has held one of the best safety records in the country. From aircraft maintenance to pilot training to instructor hiring, our standards are designed to make your skydive as safe as possible. Your safety is our number one priority.

We do not discount or cut corners on safety. Occasionally, that means we may need to delay or cancel skydiving to wait for better conditions. This is for the well being of you, and our team, and we do not make any compromises in that regard.

We use the newest, state of the art, certified parachute equipment. Our airplanes are inspected and maintained to the standards of Transport Canada. We require our staff to stay current with all new training procedures and equipment.

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